Reception class – Four Seasons

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Reception children re-create a picture for our theme on…

‘Four Seasons’

Each child works 1:1 with an adult. They first brainstorm each season on the whiteboard and what each season represents. Then each child draws their own picture in their topic books, showing spring, summer, autumn and winter. They look at the colors and details, for example, a winter tree with no leaves and a summer tree full of blossom and leaves. The children use sponges to create their backing first for the sky and the ground. They then attempt to paint, using a range of colors and brush sizes, pastel chalks and adding fruit rings for decoration.

The Learning Areas covered during this activity are:

Creative Development:  The children are able to differentiate colors.  They are also able to choose particular colors for this activity.  The children use a range of colors and respond to simple instructions on how to use the brushes, for example, they have to clean the brush before using a different color.  The children use a sponge to create different strokes and thicknesses for their background. The children love decorating their picture using cereal fruit rings – and enjoy eating some too!

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: The children talk about what they see in the picture. They describe each tree in detail and talk about each season and how it makes us feel.

Mathematical Development:  The children are asked about the volume of each tree and the thickness of each brush.